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Support Us

The USMCHC is a Not-for-profit Educational Corporation supporting the Marine Corps and Marine Corps Heritage Foundation in the development and presentation of historical educational programs. Funding for our programing and operations come through Grants, donations, and contributions from people like you. All funds received are infused back into the corporation to pay for operational, support, and administrative activities directly related to the development and presentation of Marine Corps historical programs, and to maintain and develop our inventory of uniforms and artifacts.

As you may imagine these costs are not cheap. All of our members, both active duty and civilian, volunteer their services in presenting programs. Please help us continue to tell the Marine Corps’ story.

Your tax deductible contribution can be made out to the:

USMC Historical Company

And sent to:

USMC Historical Company
Public Affairs and Programing Office
3807 Baker Valley Road
Frederick, MD 21704

We also welcome and appreciate contributions of original uniforms and equipment. If you are a veteran Marine or have a family member that was a Marine, and have uniforms, equipment or other artifacts that you would like to see put to a good use, please donate them to us where they will be used to preserve the heritage of you, your family member, and the Corps.