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The USMCHC regularly publishes articles, written by members of the Historical Company’s staff, on various actions and incidents in the Corps’ past. Most were developed in conjunction with major live programs and/or for publication in various Marine Corps publications. Attached to this page are some of those articles. They are intended for educational purposes and are not to be reproduced for commercial use without specific written permission from the Director.

“Brother Against Brother: Iron Challenges Earth”

“Devil Dogs”

“At All Times Ready…”

“55 Days at Peking”

“The Marines of ’61”

Into the Hurricane of Fire, the Marines in the assault on Fort Fisher 1865

“US Marines verses Tiger Hunters”

Wooden Ships, Iron Marines, Seagoing Marines in the War of 1812

With Courage and Fortitude in defense of the Star Spangled Banner, Marines in the 1814 Chesapeake Campaign

Leatherneck Article: “The USMCHC: Celebrating the Corps”

Leatherneck Article: “The Marines at Harpers Ferry and the John Brown Raid: October 1859”

Leatherneck Article: “The US Marines in the War of 1812”

A Tenuous Beginning: The Continental Marines

Battlefield to Parade Field – The Evolution of the Marine Uniform

Drums along the Everglades, Marines in the 2nd Seminole War

“Stand, gentlemen, he served on Samar!” The story of the 1901 Marine patrols on the Island of Samar

“General Washington’s Marines” The Continental Marines at Trenton and Princeton

“…The Shores of Tripoli…” Lt. Presley O’Bannon, the First Barbary War, and the Derna Campaign